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We only sell authentic genuine Juju hats handmade by the Bamileke tribes people of Cameroon. 

Tribal dancer

We, here at Juju Decor personally hand select each Juju Hat to ensure they are plush and of the highest quality available.

These vibrant Bamileke feather headdress are handmade by the Bamileke people and traditionally worn by royal dancers during tribal ceremonies held by the Chief as they symbolise prosperity, freedom and beauty.

tribal dancer juju hats

These headdress are made of dyed feathers hand stitched into onto a woven raffia support which folds into a basket shape, taking up very little space, with the feathers neatly protected inside. This was for easy transportation from ceremony to ceremony – or to your front door! 

A Bamileke Headdress is a great way to add texture and colour any wall. Mount over a fireplace or above the bed. Display a pair of the same colour or group three, four or five hats together.

Tweed Heads, NSW Australia.